$ 15.00 USD

Volume 1 in the Girl Talk series.


Pen + Paper Publishing


Meet the five friends of this Girl Talk series as they embark on the journey of love, friendship, money, and life changing decisions. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink, and have a little Girl Talk with these five ladies.
Chasity, the trust fund baby who wants to run her father's life instead of having one of her own. Jasmine, in love but facing every woman's worst nightmare....the baby mama. Whitney, the sexy, wife of new mayoral candidate for the City Of Atlanta they make the perfect couple in front of the flash, but it's what behind the flash that has everyone talking. Brandi, a stripper turned college student doesn't play when it comes to her man and she's letting everybody know. And Victoria, the wine drinking church girl with an explosive secret that is sure to blow your mind!

Coming Soon     

  • Trap Princess co-written by Antwan Floyd
  • Prison Wives: An E-Book Series
  • Viewer Discretion Advised 


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